Create a New Share with PowerShell

Create New Shares with Microsoft PowerShell

Guy always like to get the job done.  In this case the job is persuading PowerShell to create a network share on an existing folder using the Win32_Share .create method.

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Mission to Create a Network Share

I am going to divide this project into three stages.  Firstly, enumerate the shares, secondly, research methods for the WMI class Win32_Share.  Finally, create a new share with PowerShell.

PowerShell Shares Create Script

Example 1: Preamble, List Existing Shares

I have created this script with just one line and two commands.

# Microsoft PowerShell script to list shared folders
# Author: Guy Thomas
# Version 1.5 February 2010 tested on PowerShell v 2.0 

Get-WmiObject -class Win32_Share | sort type, name

Note 1:  You could use the alias gwmi instead of Get-WmiObject.

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Example 2: Research Win32_Share Methods and Definitions

If you are interested in background information, study this example, or else go to example 3.

# PowerShell script to Research Win32_Share
# Author: Guy Thomas
# Version 1.1 February 2010 tested on PowerShell v 2.0 

$objWMI = [wmiClass] ‘Win32_share’
$objWMI |gm -memberType method |format-List

What this script reveals is that the Win32_Share has a method called create.  Furthermore, if you drill down .create has the following detailed definition: Path, Name, Type, MaximumAllowed (connections), Description (comment), Password and Access.

To help make sense of this information try a walk-through whereby you create a network share manually in Windows Explorer.  Click on the Tools Menu, then Map Network Drive.  If you try this technique, then you will see why PowerShell requires a Name and Path.  What is less clear is Win32_Share needs a ‘Type’, just trust me that for our purposes its value is Zero.  Else go ahead, create a Share then run this PowerShell share script.

Example 3: PowerShell Shares .Create Method

We have a slight problem.  I cannot see your c:\ drive.  The example below creates a network share from the temp folder.  However, it would be better, and it would aid your understanding, if you created a folder on your c:\ drive and then amended the value for $FolderPath in my script below.  If you are up for another challenge, then edit the value of $ShareName in my script.

# Microsoft PowerShell create share script
# Author: Guy Thomas
## Version 1.5 February 2010 tested on PowerShell v 2.0 

$FolderPath = "C:\Temp"
$ShareName = "ChangeMe"
$Type = 0
$objWMI = [wmiClass] ‘Win32_share’
$objWMI.create($FolderPath, $ShareName, $Type)

Note 1:  For simplicity we are only scripting three parameters for Win32_Share, Path, Name and Type.  The value for each parameter is held by a corresponding variable, thus each is easy to change.

Note 2: I wish I knew more about the line:
$objWMI = [wmiClass] ‘Win32_share’.  All I can say is that if we generate this object, apply the .create() method, then the script creates the network share as planned.  Alternatively, you could substitute:
$objWMI = Get-WMIObject Win32_share.

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Summary of PowerShell Create Share

By introducing the .create method, we produce a more advanced Microsoft PowerShell script, than simply listing existing shares.  As you tackle this script take the time to study the parameters.  Perhaps a manual walk-through of creating a share will help your understanding of Win32_Share.

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