Microsoft Exam  70-290 – Sample Exam Answers

 Guy’s Answer Page

Q1. Megan has discovered a new fancy way of printing, or at least of configuring printing. This method involves using the browser instead of the Printers Folder.  Last week she installed a new Xerox Phaser colour on a server called Banana. Yes, Megan really did call the share = ColourPrinter.

This new printer is solely to be used by the Cperf managers. However, despite a 2 week residential course in �How to use your browser� none of the managers can connect to the printer by using http:// Banana/ColourPrinter.

What must be done in order for the Cperf managers to be able to use the ColourPrinter? (Choose 2)

A. On the Server, share out the printer as Xerox Phaser

B. On the Server, share out the printer as Xerox_Phaser

C. On the Server, install the Internet Printing component of IIS

D. Instruct the managers to use http:// Banana/Xerox Phaser

E. Instruct the managers to use http:// Banana/Xerox_Phaser

F. Instruct the managers to use http:// Banana/printers

Answers: C, F

Explanation: For Printing to work in Windows Server 2003, you need to install IIS together with Internet Printing Component.  The managers need to type /printers rather than the name of the share.

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Q2. You regret making Psycho an administrator in the Cperf domain.  What the idiot did was delete all the 750 computers in the Machen OU.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, to begin with, you discover the problem first thing in the morning.  Secondly Allan is an call because and he is the expert on Active Directory recovery.  Allan collects last night’s backup tapes and brings them along to the Greengage Server.  I am slightly embarrassed to admit that Greengage is the only domain controller in the Cperf domain.

Your must recover those deleted computers before the morning.  What would be the quickest method?

A. The ONLY was is to create the 750 Computers manually.

B. Export Active Directory with CSVDE -f xport.csv.  Boot into safe mode then import just the Machen Computers.

C. Reboot Greengage, select Safe Mode, then Last Known good.

D. Perform a non-authoritative restore of last night’s Active Directory

E. Perform an authoritative restore of last night’s Active Directory

Answer : D

Explanation: You could try a normal, or non-authorative restore.  The clues are there is only one domain controller, so no replication problems.  Secondly, you discover the problem before many changes have been made since last night’s backup.

Q3.  Ivor returns from a security conference full of ideas to tighten up the Cperf domain account security policies.  For example, longer passwords. 

Psycho has boasted that he only has two passwords Cymru and Wales.   Although you already make people change their password every 90 days Psycho still only uses those two words for his homeland.

What can you to strengthen the Cperf account security, and specifically, make Psycho choose different passwords. Choose 2.

A. Enforce Password History – Remember the Last 9 passwords.

B. Minimum Password Age – 9 Day

C. Minimum Password Length – 9 Characters

D. Store passwords using Reversible Encryption – Disabled

E. Minimum password age – 90 days

F. Password must meet complexity requirements – Disabled

Answer: A, C

Explanation: Remembering the last 9 passwords will stop Psycho oscillating between Cymru and Wales.  Increasing the password length will stop him using 5 letter words.

The other answers are interesting, but do not apply here.  Note D. and F. disable the policies anyway.  Did you spot that the password age was already 90 days?  Setting the Minimum password age to 9 days is rather long, and would do nothing to encourage Psycho to change his password.

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