WSH – Script Error Messages

VBS and WSH Error codes and messages.

When you create WSH scripts, inevitably there will be errors.  Here are some of the common error codes along with likely reasons.

If there are any errors in my scripts, please let me know and I will correct them.

Error Code

Likely Reason


800A01A8 – Object required oDomain

Missing a line containing: Set oDomain = GetObject("LDAP://"

800A0409- Unterminated string constant

Try & Chr(13) instead of a line break charachter.

80004005 – Unspecified error

LDAP must be in upper case, ldap will not work.  Could be other causes of this error.

80071392 – The object already exists.

You are running the script again


80072015 – Cannot perform the operation on a leaf object.

You try to delete an object that is not empty.


80072030 – There is no such object on the server

CN=xx, or OU=xx Where xx does not exist.

80072032 – An invalid dn syntax specified

Missing element e.g "mangers" instead of "CN=managers"

8007200A – Attribute does not exist

Could be a typo Organisational Unit instead of Organizational Unit

  See here  for many more Error Code 800xxxxxx


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