CSVDE – Creating Mailboxes

Introduction to using CSVDE for Creating Mailboxes

The main purpose of this page is to give you additional examples of LDAP fields to import with CSVDE.  Alternatively, you could use these same 5 LDAP fields to create user accounts with VBScript.

Scenario: You need to bulk import users into Active Directory and create mailboxes for those new users.  This page introduces the mail specific properties that you need to include in the import.csv.

Exchange 2003 Active Directory Users and ComputersPrerequisites.  You have installed Exchange 2003 or 2000 in your domain.  You have mastered the basics of CSVDE import.

Exchange specific fields

1) mailnickname

2) mail

3) homeMDB 

4) mDBUseDefaults

5) msExchHomeServerName


CSVDE Create Mailbox

We need these 5 extra fields to create a fully mailbox-enabled user.  I would like to emphasize the connection between these LDAP attributes and the 4 extra Exchange tabs on the user’s property sheet.  You can see the new tabs in the diagram below: Exchange General, Exchange Advanced, Exchange Features and E-Mail Addresses.

Our mission is to add these 5 LDAP attributes to the first row of our import spreadsheet.

1) mailnickname.  You need this field when creating a mailbox-enabled user.

2) mail.  Another important field for creating a mailbox.  In this example, ‘mail’ is highlighted in the E-mail field opposite: ‘bobbyn@cpech.com’

3)  homeMDB.   Here is where you set the Mailstore.  Once you perfect the names in this cell, just drag and fill down in your spreadsheet.

4) mDBUseDefaults.  All you need to do here is set the value to:  TRUE  As its name suggests will calculate several fields for you.

5) msExchHomeServerName Exchange needs to know which server to deliver the mail, the value here provides the answer.  This is a field you will need to calculate carefully  /o=OurExOrg would be the name of your Exchange Organization, while ….cn=ExchServer is the name of the mailserver.

Once you have added these 5 exchange specific fields to the spreadsheet, then you are ready to import the users with csvde -i -f import.csv.  Naturally, you need the mandatory fields of objectClass, sAMAccountName and DN.  You would probably want to add givenName, sn and possibly userAccountControl.

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Summary Creating Mailbox-Enabled users

In order to build users with mailboxes, you need to add 5 LDAP fields to your CSVDE spreadsheet, or include in VBScript.

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