Protocols – Fewer is Better

How Many Protocols Does Your LAN Use?

Best Practice (Litmus Test)

Professionals: Use TCP/IP as their only protocol

Amateurs:  Insist on installing NetBEUI

How Many Protocols Does Your LAN Use?

Professionals realize that the best practice is to only install TCP/IP, adding other protocols is just duplication.  TCP/IP is wonderful, it does everything you would ever need a protocol do to.  Moreover the more protocols you have the more network traffic there will be.  In particular avoid protocols like NetBEUI that broadcast.

Some network managersget upset when I suggest they remove NetBEUI.  What is fascinating is theirreasoning.  They say: ‘It is so much faster.  We haveapplications that only work with NetBEUI’.  I say: ‘What aboutall that broadcasting?’  Then I challenge them to just run TCP/IP on their network.

There are always exceptions to any rule, and I would allow NWLINK if you have old Netware servers. Also, I did once see a convincing case for using a second protocol for RAS.  The client wanted a fix to secure and isolate clients dialling into his network.  However, I would have preferred to :

a) Decommission those Netware servers

b) Implement a firewall as a RAS solution.

Challenge: Check out some of the Protocols in Windows 2012

Protocol List

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