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What to Expect from Guy’s Scripting Ezine?

From about 2007 to the present my scripting ezine has concentrated on PowerShell.  One of my missions has been to persuade people to try this wonderful command-line, and to abandon DOS.  A more difficult task has been to challenge people to switch from VBScript to PowerShell.  However I can speak from the position of someone who has made this transition, and I can vouch that PowerShell really is easier than VBScript. 

One litmus test is that I still get 2 /3 people writing to me about syntax errors in their VBScripts, where as I hardly ever get any emails about problems with PowerShell syntax.  The combination of useful error messages and ease of use means that PowerShell scripting is less frustrating and more productive than VBScript.

Prior to issue 125, Guy’s weekly scripting ezine was designed to help people get started with Windows Server 2003 scripting.  The newsletter articles showed you how to combine VBScript with WSH (Windows Scripting Host).

The traditional use of Windows scripts has been mapping network drives and setting default printers.  However the most popular application if VBScript is now manipulating Active Directory objects, for example setting user properties.

In addition, WMI (Windows Management Interface) has taken scripting into new territory, for example, writing values to the registry and collecting information from Event Logs.

Each article has at least one script which you can copy and paste, moreover there are learning points to help you create your own scripts.

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