Microsoft Exchange 2003 – New features for OMA

Introduction to OMA in Exchange 2003

Mobile data access is increasingly what everyone wants.  OMA (Outlook Mobile Access) is new in Exchange 2003 and replaces MIS in Exchange 2000.  When you configure phone access on the server, be sure to visit both Exchange System Manager, and the User’s property sheet in Active Directory.

Topics for OMA in Exchange 2003


OMA – M for Mobile (Outlook Mobile Service)

The Exchange 2003 server now supports M for mobile devices, for example Pocket PC.  The idea is that users will receive email messages on their phone screens.  The precise format, plain text, XHTML will depend on the capabilities of the mobile phone.

OMAand Exchange System ManagerOMA Exchange 2003 System Manager

It is easy to miss the OWA settings in the Exchange System Manager.  The reason OWA is elusive to configure is that you rarely visit the General folder directly under the Exchange Organization name.

At the Mobile Device

On the client’s phone, tap ActiveSync, then Tools, Options and Server.  If you haven’t got a phone, test the clients experience by typing : http:/servername/oma in your Internet Explorer. 
Note: http://servername/oma/username does NOT work!

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There are also two bonus tools in the free download, and all 3 have been approved by Microsoft:

  1. Bulk-import new users and mailboxes into Active Directory.
  2. Seek and zap unwanted user accounts.
  3. Find inactive computers.

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ActiveSynchOMA Outlook Mobile Acces

As the name suggests, ActiveSynch is the service which allows users to collect messages from the Exchange 2003 server and display them on their Smartphone or similar mobile device.  ActiveSynch is designed to update Pocket Outlook with your desktop version Outlook 200x.

Up-To-Date Notifications

In a nutshell. Up-To-Date Notifications are push messages from the Exchange server to the mobile phone.  This system replaces the 160 SMS messages of MIS in Exchange 2000.

Use your inbox rules to configure how regularly your phone should synchronize with its mail server.

Exchange 2003 SP1

I could not help noticing that lots of the fixes in SP1 were for OWA.  For example, improved encryption, allowing messages with just a subject but no body.

Active Directory Users and Computers

Good news, the default is that Mobile services are active.  To check the settings, launch Active Directory Users and Computers, navigate to the User object then examine theExchange features tab.  See here.


Microsoft has designed an object called InetOrgPerson.   The idea is to create mobile accounts for people who may be migrating from other LDAP systems, but you do not wish to create a normal Active Directory user object.

On the clients, tab ActiveSync, then Tools, Options and Server.

* Note InetOrgPerson is only available in Exchange 2003 Native mode.

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OMA is new in Exchange 2003.  Configure the Server side of OMA at the Exchange System Manager.  Then examine the Exchange features tab by opening Active Directory Users and Computers, User Properties.

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