Code Error 800A03F2 – Expected Identifier

Troubleshooting Code 800A03F2 – Expected Identifier

Introduction to Code 800A03F2

When you get Error code 800A03F2 concentrate on the Line: number and especially the Char: number.   Once you trace the line and position, you should be able to identify the problem. A wild guess is there is an extra full stop.Code 800A03F2 Expected Identifier

The Symptoms You Get

The script does not execute as you hoped, instead you get a WSH error message.

The Cause of Error 800A03F2

Your VBScript contain is missing a character.   Note: the clue ‘Source: Microsoft VBScript compilation error’.  My point is that ‘compilation error’ and not a ‘runtime error’, means this is a syntax error in your script.

Another cause is because VBS does not support the Optional statement for Subs and Functions.  See example 3.

The Solution to Expected Identifier

This is a syntax error, therefore check for a missing argument.  In my example, Windows Scripting Host is telling us that the problem is at Line: 3, count blank lines and lines with remarks.  In this case the Char: number (73), is very useful in tracing the error.  Something is wrong with the syntax at the end of the line 3.


Example 1 of Code 800A03F2 error

Note: The Line: 6 Char 34 , .T.)

It should be , True)

DIM fso, gf
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set gf = fso.CreateTextfile("e:\Ezine\Scripts\ezine12\guyfileb.txt", .T.)
gf.WriteLine("hello guy 1, 2, 3.")
gf.WriteBlankLines 2
gf.Write ("This is a test.")

Example 2 of Code 800A03F2 error

WScript.Echo strDriveLetter & " drive is mapped to " & strUncPath.

Here is the tiniest of errors, an unwanted full stop (period) after strUncPath.


‘ BudgetPear.vbs
‘ Script to map the Budget share on the server pear
‘ Version 1.1 August 2010
‘ Guy Thomas

Option Explicit
Dim objNetwork
Dim strDriveLetter, strUncPath
strDriveLetter = "R:"
strUncPath = "\\alan\backup"

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("Wscript.Network")
objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive strDriveLetter, strUncPath
WScript.Echo strDriveLetter & " drive is mapped to " & strUncPath.

‘ End of Guy’s Error 800A03F2  script


Example 3 Optional Statement Problem

Kindly sent in by Robert Dunham

Here, the 800A03F2 is raised because VBS does not support the Optional statement for Subs and Functions and was expecting a valid variable name. Here’s the code sample:


Call echoComment
Sub echoComment(Optional strComment = "")
If strComment <> "" Then Wscript.Echo strComment End Sub


This error would also be raised for an incorrectly spelled byVal or byRef statement.

While this is very similar to your first example, I wanted to point out that this error can happen during declaration as well. The above example would be very common for those who are used to standard VB programming.


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