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The WSH Error: 8007xxxx series are often associated with Logon Scripts, for example, methods such as MapNetworkDrive or AddWindowsPrinterConnection.

If your error begins with 8007xxxx then look for an factor outside VBScript.  For instance, check the spelling of the name of your share or printer.  Another possibility is that the server named in the script, is simply down or otherwise unavailable.

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If you cannot find your code 800 error number in my list then, then contact:

Troubleshooting VBScript Error codes

Line: Number.  As usual, the Line number is crucial piece of evidence in tracking down your Windows Script Host error code.

Char: Number is of little use for the 08007 series, because it’s usually = 1.  Whereas the error could be much later along the line.

Source: Often provides the name of the method that is at fault.   See more about diagnosing 800 errors

Avoid ‘Over-think’

‘Over-think’ can be a bit like amateur bird watchers.  When out ‘twitching’ they always claim to have seen a rare exotic finch, when what they are really looking at is a Great Tit.  In the case of amateur script writers they claim it’s a rare VBScript error, when actually they have left a bracket unclosed.  My message is start by looking for the simplest, most likely cause of the errors, checking for typos would be a good place to begin.  Naturally a good script editor helps to identify such errors either by color coding or through pin-pointing the line with the fault. See more on general script troubleshooting techniques.

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