Code  80072035 – The server is unwilling to process the request

Troubleshooting: The server is unwilling to process the request

Introduction to Error Code 80072035

This error, code 80072035 occurs when you execute a VBScript.  My suggestion is you are trying to set a user property which the security policy forbids.  This is a tricky error because it may be a policy on the server, rather than a pure scripting error, which halts your script.  Cameron Anderson also points out that it could be that you are trying to rename a user that already exists.

The Symptoms You Get with error 80072035 Code 80072035 - The server is unwilling to process the request

When you execute the script you get a message box like this (See diagram).  The VBScript does execute as you hoped. 

The Cause of Code 80072035

One possibility is that you trying to enable or ‘set’ a user account.  The problem is that the account must have a password and none is provided. 

Another possibility is that your domain policy requires a complex password.  In terms of pure troubleshooting, the big clue is the Line: number.  Also Char: 5 helps to pinpoint the error.

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The Solution

Add a set password instruction to the script.  Even try a complex password such as P@$$w07rd   Alternatively, reset the domain policy and lessen security just while you run the script.  In this case you could change the UserAccountControl value to 514, just to see if the script completes successfully.

Cameron Anderson also points out that it could be that you are trying to rename a user that already exists; if so, choose a different name.  In this scenario, also look at the sAMAccountName.

Example of Script showing Code 80072035

     objUser.SetInfo   This is where the error is to be found.  The line is indented 5 characters so the problem is with the first word = objUser.   


Set objRootDSE = GetObject("LDAP://rootDSE")

Set objContainer=GetObject("LDAP://cn=Users," & _
Set objOu = GetObject("LDAP://cn=Users," & _

For each objUser in objOu
If Left(strUname,4) ="User" Then
     objUser.Put "userAccountControl", intAccValue
Wscript.Echo strUname
End if
Wscript.Echo "Users Enabled"

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