Best Practice Ezine #36 – Joint Security Venture

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Best Practice Ezine #36 Joint Security Venture

It’s as though I have been in a dark room for years and years, and then someone suddenly switched on the light.  Instead of seeing a beautiful room all that I see is a mess.  Well that’s how I feel about computer security. 

My security innocence stems from being a ‘country boy’.  In the country not only did we not lock the door, but I do not ever remember seeing a key.  As for my car, it did once have a key, but I lost it.  To get out of this tight spot, I wired up the ignition to the heater switch.   Rather than turning on the heater, it fired the engine.  Actually when I once went to town a thief did break in to my car, however since they could not hot wire the ignition so could they could not steal the car.  Incidentally, it beats me why the highest security car systems do not fit an extra little ignition switch somewhere amongst all those high tech thumbwheels.

As I was saying earlier, I have now turned on security light and I see a mess.  So please help me by writing in with security tips for email.  What I particularly favour are measures that are low on cost but high on cunning.

Paul DeBrino gave me this tip Get Lookout.  LookOut does for OutLook what Google does for finding information on the internet.  Finds information lightning fast.

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