Ezine 199 – Readers’ Recommendations

Ezine 199 – Readers’ Recommendations

Guy Tackles A Hardware Problem

To digress, it may help you appreciate this tale if you have seen the ‘Only Fools and Horses’ sketch where Rodney and Del Boy have to replace a chandelier.  Only they unscrewed the bolts on the wrong one.  It was voted the funniest TV scene in a recent poll.

Meanwhile back at my computer, the fan suddenly starts to make a noise like an airplane taking off.  I know the answer, hoover out the dust and oil the fan bearings lightly.  Unfortunately, this does not cure the noise so I give up and phone the manufacturer to order a new fan.  ‘Would that be the fan at the back sir, or the one under the heat sink’, asks the helpful assistant.  I have an ‘ah ha’ moment, I had been cleaning and oiling the wrong fan!

Incidentally, in that famous ‘Del Boy’ sketch, Rodney, who is in the roof space, after much checking and huffing and puffing unbolts the nut holding the chandelier, but unfortunately it falls smashing on the floor, meanwhile Dell is left holding the wrong chandelier!

Will and Guy’s Humour – Fan Problem

Our humour site is monstrous, name any topic and we have a funny, here is our amusing fan picture.  Pictures of fan

Ten Little Utilities

Here are ten little programs sent in by readers.  As usual there is something for everyone.  I hope you enjoy researching the utilities as much as I did.

  1. MacKeeper Everything For Your Mac – In one application.
  2. VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.
  3. ODBC Driver for eDirectory for migrating a Novell Environment to Active Directory on a tight budget.
  4. Kindle Wireless Reading Device   If you have notes on your PC, or other documents, by using the now default save to PDF feature of MS Word, you can easily transfer your valuable information as PDF’s onto your Kindle.
  5. Try Fences for creating little areas on your desktop and group your icons as you want?  Really good.
  6. Scany is an iPhone/iPad application that does an excellent job at digging up a ton of info on networks.
  7. Ninite. No toolbars or junk. No clicking Next. Just the apps you want, fast.
  8. Snagit New Version Screen capture Snagit 10 Take a picture of anything you see on your PC screen. Edit and combine your captures, then share them anywhere.
  9. GTDify is a simple web-based application to help you implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done – methodology.
  10. IOBit The World’s Top System Tool for Superior PC Performance.

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Engineer's Toolset v10Guy Recommends: SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset v10

This Engineer’s Toolset v10 provides a comprehensive console of 50 utilities for troubleshooting computer problems.  Guy says it helps me monitor what’s occurring on the network, and each tool teaches me more about how the underlying system operates.

There are so many good gadgets; it’s like having free rein of a sweetshop.  Thankfully the utilities are displayed logically: monitoring, network discovery, diagnostic, and Cisco tools.  Try the SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset now!

Download your fully functional trial copy of the Engineer’s Toolset v10

Guy Recommends: Tools4ever’s UMRAUMRA The User Management Resource Administrator

Tired of writing scripts? The User Management Resource Administrator solution by Tools4ever offers an alternative to time-consuming manual processes.

It features 100% auto provisioning, Helpdesk Delegation, Connectors to more than 130 systems/applications, Workflow Management, Self Service and many other benefits. Click on the link for more information onUMRA.

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