Ezine 176 – Give the Superuser Forum a Chance

Ezine 176 – Give the Superuser Forum a Chance

My suggestion that ‘superuser’ brings a totally new concept to forums, probably reflects my sheltered experience.  However, its novel method of Q&A interaction provides a quick way of getting your computer question answered accurately; a reflection of its healthy and growing membership.

I confess that I have enjoyed earning badges while helping the community; a principle that goes back to Napoleon who said: ‘A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon’.

The forum registration also broke new ground for me, I was able to register at superuser with something called OpenId, in truth I did not know I had one!  But I clicked on the Google button during registration and was amazed how it inducted me without the aggravating fields you get with most forum applications.  To be fair, I already had a Google account for Webmaster, AdSense and lots more Google stuff, however it was kind of them to add a free OpenId to my account.

If you play games, especially chess, bridge or poker, then you are familiar with the idea that once you have found a good move, always think, ‘Is there an even better tactic?’  Well with superuser an even better move maybe registering at stackoverflow or serverfault, it all depends on your computer interests.

Unless you have managed your own forum you may not appreciate is all the work that goes on behind the scenes keeping a forum free of spammers.  This forum has also formalized the principle of moderation by the users, but only by those who have earned that right through answering dozens of questions, which the community voted as useful.

My worry was that once superuser becomes successful it will charge, or start putting up obstacles to ease-of-use.  But then read the FAQ, and saw that the site is sponsored by, or related to Wiki.  Thus there is a good chance it will stay both free and open.

Check out the Superuser forum.

I would like to thank a delegate at the MVP conference for suggesting I register with the superuser forum.

Summary of Superuser

Taking part in the Superuser forum combines, learning, helping and fun.

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