Windows Vista -> Control Panel -> Network -> Internet Options IE7

Vista -> Control Panel -> Network & Internet -> Internet Options IE7

Please note: these IE7 (Internet Explorer 7) settings are the same settings that you access from the Internet Explorer, Tools (menu), Internet Options.  A classic case of Microsoft providing at least two ways of achieving the same goal.

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Internet Options for Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)


Introduction to IE7

It is important to remember that Vista has the new IE7 browser built-in.  Overall the configuration looks similar to XP’s IE6.  However, there are extras, for example: a ‘New Tab’ button, and a Phishing which detects rogue sites.

One feature of IE7 that I particularly like, is the ability to set multiple home pages.  See menu below.

Internet Options IE 7 tabs Multiple Home Pages

Guy’s Suggestions for IE7 Internet OptionsIe7 Tabbed Browsing Settings

Begin your quest for a better browser experience by seeking:
a) Internet Explorer ‘Tools’ menu
b) From there select Internet Options (Last option).
c) Now next to Tabs, click Settings.

My message is that there are lots of boxes to examine.  Some settings will suit you much better than others, take the time to experiment.

For example, I like to tick:
Open home page for new tabs instead of a blank page.

Another popular setting is:
Enable Quick Tabs

Remember help, and press F1 to get more details on each check box.

There are even more dialog boxes, including some which say:
‘Don’t show this menu again’.

Tip: Hold down the Ctrl key and scroll with the mouse.  In IE7, this resized both the fonts and the pictures.  Incidentally, this technique (Ctrl +scroll) also resizes Vista desktop icons, a classic for learn a trick in one context and apply it elsewhere.

Detailed Explanation of IE7, Concentrating on New Features – by Paul DeBrino

Once you have installed IE7 on your computer, you will soon notice enhancements to the browser’s overall look and feel:


The first time IE7 opens, it will take you to Microsoft’s IE7 Welcome page (

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The IE7 Welcome page is displayed, offering you some basic, initial preference settings:



The default Search Provider is initially Microsoft Live.  If you wish to change that to something else, such as Google, this is where you instruct IE7 to do so (the change will actually take place after saving this page):



Next, choose your Optional Settings, to suit your preferences.  Microsoft recommends enabling the Phishing Filter which will alert you upon visiting a website known to be malicious in nature.


Phishing Filters in Internet Explorer 7

Most people find that at least once a month a rogue internet program tries to hi -jack their internet bank account.  On the one hand we have to be realistic, we are never going to beat fraud, on the other hand we should give ourselves the best chance of avoiding the most obvious attacks.  What I am thinking is that these anti-phishing measures will be state of the art in Summer 2007, but by Christmas what will be the hackers next trick?  The only answer is to stay vigilant.

Under the covers, Microsoft run IE7 runs minimal rights, therefore, even if you want to copy to the clipboard you have to exercise elevated rights.

Vista IE 7 phishing filter

Here is Microsoft’s phishing filter in action at the status bar.

IE 7 Phishing

See Phishing case

The ClearType option is also recommended, especially for Flat Panel monitors:


At the bottom of the Welcome page is a ‘Save Settings’ button.  Click it when you’re ready to continue.


If you chose to change your Search Provider, the following page will be displayed.  Simply click on each provider that you wish to add to your personal list and follow the on-screen instructions:



If you wish to display / hide the traditional FILE, EDIT, VIEW – menu, or any other 3rd party menu, simply right-click anywhere within the empty space (as shown below) and make your choices on the menu displayed.  A checkmark indicates a feature as "enabled":



IE7 offers a number of benefits and a streamlined interface.  Some of the important changes include:

  • Tabbed browsing – browse multiple web pages within a single IE window.
  • Integrated search – a search box always available to the right of the address bar.
  • Improved printing – IE scales text appropriately so you won’t end up with one line of text on the last printed page (usually).
  • Improved security features – many under-the-hood changes as well as a new Phishing filter to keep you notified about online scams.
  • Take a quick tour or view a more complete feature list for more information.

Summary ofInternet Explorer 7

It is my belief that IE7 is a bellwether of Vista.  The progression from IE 6 to IE7 is much like that from XP to Vista, for example both IE7 and Vista improve Security.  I am also interested that the uptake of IE7 has halted the rise in Mozilla Firefox.  One day Microsoft will be overtaken by another system, but I do believe that it will not be just yet, and that there will be mass migration from XP to Vista and that the switch to Linux or another rival will not happen just yet.

Perhaps I am a slow learner, but it took me a while to get the most from IE7.  One factor was that I started with a traditional monitor and the new Clear Type setting is designed to improve resolution on your LCD monitor.  In the interim, I turned off Clear Text; by navigating to the Tool’s menu, Internet Options, Advanced (Tab), then scroll down and remove the tick from ‘Use Clear Type’.

The Internet Options illustrate how Microsoft builds on previous technology.  IE7 also incorporates hot ideas like Firefox tabs.  We also see confirmation of Vista’s claim for better security, for example, Phishing Filter.

See more onInternet Explorer 7

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