PowerShell 3.0 Logon Script

Creating PowerShell v 3.0 Logon Scripts I love logon scripts.  It saddens me that Group Policies are replacing logon scripts as a method of providing access to ‘Shares’ and network printers.  My point: while I am delighted to help you with PowerShell 3.0 logon scripts, really, you should at least look at Group Policy alternatives. Topics For PowerShell 3.0 Logon Scripts This article breaks-down the task of getting logon scripts to work into bite-sized chunks: PowerShell Logon Script Incorporating VBScript Commands Creating the PowerShell 3.0 Logon Script File Testing the .ps1 Logon Script Assigning Logon Script to Group Policy .Bat … Continue reading PowerShell 3.0 Logon Script