PowerShell Basics: ElseIf Statement

Introduction to PowerShell’s Else If Logic PowerShell’s ‘ElseIf’ statement comes under the umbrella of flow control.¬† Once you master the basic ‘If’ construction then you can increase the scope of your script by adding extra ‘ElseIf’ statements to the logic control. Topics for PowerShell’s ElseIf Statement Begin With The Plain ‘If’ Statement Example 1:¬†Plain PowerShell If Example 2: PowerShell ElseIf Example 3: PowerShell ElseIf and Plain Else Example 4: Check If a Service is Installed and Working Example 5: PowerShell ElseIf Help File PowerShell If -or Summary of PowerShell’s ElseIf Construction Begin With The Plain ‘If’ Statement Let us get … Continue reading PowerShell Basics: ElseIf Statement