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Peter Davis Dentist

Peter Davis - The Best Dentist in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England.

The purpose of this page is to explain why Peter Davis is the best Dentist in Droitwich, and possibly the country.

My First Visit to Peter Davis' Droitwich Dental Practice

I was a very nervous patient when I first visited Peter Davis' dental practice.  Bad experience of butchers masquerading as dentists had left me with mental as well as physical scars. Thanks to Peter's gentle treatment, I no longer have restless nights before a routine check-up.  As a result of his skill, even the drill does not instill the fear that it once did when in the hands of previous dentists.

Some people have 'green fingers' when it comes to gardening, well Peter has 'white fingers' when it come to dentistry.  Other dentists rushed the treatment when I became anxious.  This only made matters worse.  Peter Davis took the opposite view, he slowed down, reassured me, gave me 30 seconds to take a few deep breaths and gain my composure.  I don't know if I am alone in not breathing properly when the dentist is treating me?  But in the beginning when things got rough, I could sense that he was doing his very best to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

What gives me confidence is that Peter always explains what he is going to do, and if there are alternatives, he takes the time to describe each option clearly.

Over the years I have got to know how Peter works, at first it surprised me that he went on courses, and was often reading up on the latest treatments.  In the beginning I though he was so good that he does not need any extra training, it was only later that I realised that it's in the nature of people who are at the top of their profession to constantly seek to improve. 

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Peter Davis Dentist - Reception

The Peter Davis Droitwich dental practice also impresses me with the speed they fit me in for emergency treatment when I lost a filling or broke my crown.  Indeed their receptions could teach other organizations a thing or two about answering the phone.  You get through to a real person first time without having to press 1 for an appointment 2 for a check-up 3 for an emergency etc.

My Oral Hygienist at Peter Davis Droitwich Dentist

Alison my oral hygienist at the Peter Davis dentist's practice.  She has such gentle hands and best of all, she adapts the treatment to me.  Alison seems to know instinctively just how far to go with a particular tool, then she stops before it hurts me.  When I wince she stops, changes the tool, or moves to a different part of my gum as a result I do not fear the treatment, I just concentrate on the idea that her removing the obstinate plaque is preserving my gums.

My hygienist recommended an expensive electric tooth brush.  The receptionists also said it was fantastic and they used it.  Part of me thinks this was just a sales ploy, but I gave in and tried the electric brush.  I can tell you it was worth every penny.  I mention this as it's part of the hidden treatment of a good oral hygienist, they explain and demonstrate various aids which remove plaque and thus minimise disease which results in receding gums.

Where is Peter Davis's Dental Practice?

You will find Peter Davis at Corbett Avenue in Droitwich, north of Worcester, England.  Birmingham is the nearest really big city, and Droitwich is situated about 8 miles south of Bromsgrove and 3 miles east of Ombersley.

Peter Davis Droitwich Dentist

Peter Davis Dental Practice Catchment Area:
Droitwich Spa, Martin Hussingtree, Fernhill Heath, Oddingley, Dunhampstead, Himbleton, Tibberton, also Ombersley, Crowle, Hanbury, Wychbold and Elmbridge.

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I would be interested in hearing from you if you have had any good experiences with Peter Davis, or any of the other Droitwich dentists.


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