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Knee Injury Resolved

Knee Injury - Case Study by Guy Thomas  2008/9

My problem - A dull pain in my right knee.  It did not stop me walking or restrict my movement in anyway.  It just would not go away and seemed 'unfair'.  I say unfair, as the pain appeared even though I had done no strenuous exercise to aggravate the joint.

Physio exercises helped.  At the very least they stopped the pain getting worse.  However, it was difficult to get the balance right, over vigorous exercises could actually make the problem worse.  No criticism of the physiotherapists, I know it's down to me to regulate the exercise duration.Knee Injury Resolved By Swimming

I went to the Saltway surgery and saw Dr Txxxx who suggested that I go swimming.  Such a simple idea, I should have thought of it myself.  20 minutes of swimming lengths 4 times a week has gradually improved the knee to the point where I no longer get the pain.  Dr Txxxx also referred me for a knee X-ray at Bromsgrove hospital.

When I discussed the X-Ray with Dr Bxxx (Dr Txxx was not available) she referral me to a specialist at Worcester Hospital.  There I saw Physiotherapist C Bxxx, she gave me a thorough examination and concluded with a clear explanation of my condition - not serious, no action for now.

I want to say that Physiotherapist was at the very top of her profession.  I also want to convey that from my point of view each person played their role to perfection.  It was as though they delivered me to CB with a case history, X-rays and she used her expertise to give a pin-point diagnosis and a clear explanation.

Perhaps the first sign of old age is that you don't believe that injuries such as these will get better.  Consequently, simple treatment to build up the supporting muscles, coupled with a clear explanation of what's happening to the joint, gave me hope.  Hope that I can forestall at least some of the ravages a misspent, sports-playing youth for a little longer.

When all the parts work, such as in this case, it makes me appreciate what a fantastic service the national health service offers.

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