Microsoft Exchange 2003 – Where is the M: drive?

Introduction to features no longer supported in Exchange 2003

All real-time features have been removed from Exchange 2003.  Either there is a separate product, for Example Conference Server, or there is a new way of doing it, for example OMA.

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Where is the M: Drive?

The Exchange store is accessed at \\.\BackOfficeStorage\mail.namespace.  In previous versions of Exchange this store has been mapped to the M: drive.  The idea of the M: drive mapping was to give you file system access to the Exchange store.

The M: drive is disabled, in Exchange 2003.  However, you can still use the file system to interact with the Exchange store, just enter the path using the \\.\BackOfficeStorage\ namespace.  For instance, to see the contents of the mailbox store on an Exchange server in the domain, go to the command prompt: dir \\.\BackOfficeStorage\\mbx (Type)

Microsoft has removed the M: drive mapping is because, the mailbox store could become corrupted from virus scanning of the M: drive.  Trying to backup the M: drive would also cause problems.

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More features no longer supported in Exchange 2003

  • Instant Chat, Conference Server and Instant Messenger.  There are rumours that these services will be catered for in a new collaboration server – code name Greenwich.
  • Key Management Server support has changed.  In Exchange 2003, Windows Server 2003’s certificate service takes of this encryption role.
  • Connectors for Lotus Mail and ccMail
  • Be careful with OMA (Outlook Mobile Service) you need to remove MMIS from Exchange 2000 as this method of mobile access is no longer supported.

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