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Welcome to Guy's ebook library

Here is a selection of my electronic ebooks that you can download immediately.  Pay your money and get your URL to download the ebook.  Each book will help you get started on your project.  The theme of my ebooks is, 'How to...', and the content is packed with examples and instructions.

    Here are the sections of my ebook library

    Multi ebook selection - 18 books

   Multi ebook Deals for Scripting

    Scripting Section (8)

    Exchange 2003 Track

    Windows Server 2003

    Windows 2000

    Windows Migration Track


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    Advantages of ebooks

  • Convenient to read when you are offline
  • Easy to find information, built-in search engine
  • Ideal reference source, everything in one place
  • Print pages to read at your leisure
  • Ideal gift for the computer buff
  • Make the purchase from the comfort of your chair
  • Will the E-book replace the paper back?


Frequently asked questions

  1. Question: How can I pay securely?
    Answer:  Payment can be made via ClickBank (VAT in Europe)
    or by PayPal
  2. Question: How many pages are there in the ebook?  
    Answer: Roughly 50 - 80 pages when printed on A4.  Indeed each book has a 'Printer Friendly' section.
  3. Question:  What level are the books pitched at? 
    Answer: My theme is getting you started; so the level is beginner to intermediate.
  4. Question: Some ebooks do not allow copying, are yours restricted? 
    Answer: Absolutely not.  The whole point is I want you to copy and paste, especially with the scripting ebooks.


What you get with your ebook

Each book that you buy has an excellent search engine and no restrictions on copying, printing.  The books have lots of screen shots and detailed instructions.

As a bonus, your ebook will automatically bookmark the last page you read.  I created the ebook using the latest technology from Activ E-Book.

All you need is Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.  Your book will then run on the following Windows Operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 9x, Windows ME.  Just double click on the .EXE and it loads into Internet Explorer.

Note:  If you are a Pocket PC or Apple Mac user: Activ-E does not compile on your operating systems.

Fully guaranteed in line with PayPal and ClickBank's policy.  Fully supported by Guy Thomas.

Once you have filled in the ClickBank order form you can download the .zip file which will takes about 5 minutes with broadband.

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