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Exchange 2003 Training Courses

Exchange 2003 Training Courses

This section is designed to give you independent advice on choosing your training course, I am not trying to sell you a seat on a particular course.  Think of it as an insider view from a trainer.

The training courses reflect the way Exchange 2003 has changed radically from Exchange 5.5.  The biggest difference is integration with Active Directory.  Each course deals with how Exchange 2003 and Windows 2003 interact.

However there are numerous improvements to scalability, performance and reliability.  What many people want is training on strategies and ideas for upgrading their Exchange 5.5 systems to Exchange 2003.

MOC Course 2400: Implementing and Managing Exchange 2003

Main Topics.

  • Installation including clustering
  • Configuration, Monitoring Notification
  • Security.  Protocols, Firewalls
  • Mail Recipients, Global Address Lists
  • Public Folders
  • Routing Groups
  • Backup, Preventative Maintenance
  • Mobile Users
  • Migration Techniques

Why choose Microsoft Official Courses (MOC)?

As an independent trainer, I deliver not only Microsoft courses but also 'grey' courseware.  The Microsoft material is so much more comprehensive and above all, the practical exercises are very well designed.  Moreover, Microsoft insist on standards for kit, classrooms and instructors.

Litmus test:  Do you know if your course will have an install? 

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