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Windows Server 2008's Indigo

Windows Server 2008's Indigo

Indigo is the 'glue' to provide secure and reliable communication.  Under the covers Indigo is a Web based system built on .NET technology.  Windows Server 2008 will rely on Indigo for distributed systems, for example security, network transport and  messaging.Longhorn Indigo

One application of Indigo is the 'Contact picker'.  This is a new way of selecting contact data for your application.  No need to write a custom solution and no need to for users to re-enter their data into Word or Outlook.

Microsoft themselves, describe Indigo as a new paradigm for building service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications.  In addition Indigo is a tool for implementing advanced messaging, with rich support for intermediaries and end-to-end security.

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The best feature of this new this new version of SolarWinds VM Monitor is that it checks Windows Hyper-V.  Naturally, it still works with virtual machines on VMware ESX Servers.  VM Monitor is a clever desktop tool that not only tests that your server is online, but also displays the CPU and memory utilization for each node.

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