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Printer Pools - One of the best kept secrets

Do you set printer priorities?

Best Practice (Litmus Test)

Professionals: Create a pool of printers with different priorities

Amateurs: Create only one printer

Printer Pools Printer Pools

The best practice is to have several printers or print queues leading to one physical print device.  The advantage is that you can set different priorities for different users.  For example: high priority for mangers low priority for secretaries (or would that be better the other way around!).

  How to Setup Printer Pools

  • To create a Printer Pool:  Start Menu, Settings, Printer folder, add printer.

  • The trick is to create multiple printers, each with a different priority.

  • To adjust the priority, go to the Advanced Tab and look for the Priority box.  Finally give different permissions to the various printers.

Check-out Web Based Printers

Once Microsoft realised the power of the browser they have made more and more interfaces browser compatible.  Users can now use their Internet Explorers to search for printers and install the appropriate driver.  Show the users this path: http://server/PRINTERS.

Note: Whilst server will vary dependent on the name of your print server, PRINTERS should by typed as shown as there will be a share called PRINTERS on each server.  See more on printers.

Kiwe CatTools - Free downloadGuy's Challenge - Download this free device backup utility


Kiwi CatTools is a free program for backing up configuration settings on hardware devices.  Here is Guy's challenge.  If you download CatTools, then it will not only take care of backups, but also it will show you something new about the hardware on you network. I could give you a money back guarantee - but CatTools is already free!  Thus, I just make a techie to techie challenge, you will learn more about your network if you:

Download your free Kiwi CatTools configuration backup tools

Litmus Tests

Guy's Litmus test is a concept that you can apply anywhere.  Each test gives you an instant answer to the simple question:-  'Are you dealing with a professional, or are they an amateur?   Is this the real deal, or is it a turkey?'   The Litmus Test concept is rather like Best Practice, but it reduces a 27 page report to one sentence. 

Try another of my Litmus tests »

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